Lowongan Kerja SALES SUPPORT-IKEA Indonesia

    Lowongan Kerja SALES SUPPORT-IKEA Indonesia

    Perusahaan : IKEA Indonesia
    Kategori : Penjualan Ritel
    Lokasi : Tangerang (Banten) - Alam Sutera
    Alamat : IKEA Indonesia, Banten, Indonesia

    Tipe Kerja : Full Time

    Selamat Datang di Situs Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2020 dan Saat ini kami ingin memberitahukan Info Terbaru Lowongan Kerja dari Perusahaan IKEA Indonesia dengan posisi SALES SUPPORT-IKEA Indonesia yang dibuka saat ini. Jika Loker Penjualan Ritel ini sesuai dengan kualifikasi kamu silahkan langsung mengirimkan lamaran melalui situs loker terbaru kami. Memang setiap pekerjaan tidak lah mudah untuk di lamar karena harus memenuhi beberapa kualifikasi dan persyaratan yang harus kita penuhi sesuai dengan kriteria standar Perusahaan tersebut yang sedang mencari kandidat potensial untuk dapat bekerja. Semoga informasi lowongan kerja SALES SUPPORT-IKEA Indonesia dibawah ini sesuai dengan Kualifikasi anda. Semoga Beruntung :D

    Berikut ini adalah Detail Lengkap dari Lowongan Kerja SALES SUPPORT-IKEA Indonesia


    IKEA, the world's largest home furnishing retailer, opened its  first store in Indonesia, Alam Sutera (Tangerang) in 2014. Our co-workers has been growing up to 194,000 co-workers worldwide. Our culture is based on the spirit of togetherness, enthusiasm and fun. And we’re always looking for people who share our positive attitude and values.

    In order to develop sales in an efficient and effective way in all media in order to attract more customers to come more often and buy more. We do this by optimizing our sales priorities, commercial activities and ensuring the right forecasts for our total offer. Our main responsibilities are developing and executing sales steering, selling the IKEA way, range grouping, pricing, range management and launches. This ensures an enjoyable, convenient and successful shopping and buying experience, which leads to increased sales and sustained long-term profitability.
    1. Support the sales leaders, by analyzing the range frame, to ensure the correct range for every store.
    2. Maintain competitor information system to ensure the accuracy and relevance of data.
    3. Compile competitor monitoring reports and information for the sales leaders to ensure that the IKEA store secures the lowest price.
    4. Work with sales leaders to ensure all product information correct and complete.
    5. Know the principals of the mechanical sales system to check in-store communication and secure it is correct and supports the easy buying process.
    6. Coordinate the ordering of buying guides and product related information.
    7. Ensuring the stores order appropriate quantities on time to meet visitor demand in their stores.
    8. Maintain the P-tag system, being the super user for this and supporting stores to ensure they can use it correctly.
    9. Maintain the intranet sales page to ensure all information is correct and up-to-date.
    10. Have a good knowledge of how the stores work, the country commercial calendar and the needs of customers and the impact.
    11. Have a global overview in order to find a solution for the needs of sales colleagues.
    12. Coordinating and knowing the timetable and priorities of annual sales meeting, both national and international and prepare the information needed.
    13. Understand the peak times of Country sales manager and sales leaders and the deadlines they work to, present information to achieve their deadlines.
    1. Ability to prioritize and organize work in order to make the most efficient use of time available
    2. Interest in people´s everyday life at home and in home furnishing
    3. Flexible approach to work and open to change
    4. Experience of working in an IKEA store or other retail company
    5. Ability to communicate clearly and succinctly both verbally and in writing
    6. Ability to understand customer needs
    7. Ability to read and communicate in English
    8. Proven ability to build and maintain an effective network
    9. Self-reliant and motivated with proven ability to work as part of a team as well as independently
    10. Highly developed analytical and numerical skills
    11. Ability to work with timelines and schedules and maintain deadlines
    12. Computer proficient

    There is no typical IKEA career
    We offer exceptional career and learning possibilities at IKEA. Our co-workers are encouraged to try different roles, and many change between functions and countries several times in their careers. You can design your own career path according to your development plan and future goals.


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    Inilah informasi lowongan kerja dari SALES SUPPORT-IKEA Indonesia yang dapat LOKER INDO sampaikan. Jika ada Info lowongan kerja di atas tidak sesuai dengan kriteria Anda, tidak ada salahnya untuk membaca informasi lowongan kerja lainnya di bawah ini.

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